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9th CircUse Newsletter Available

The ninths Newsletter from the CircUse project is now available. This issue is a special newsletter with a report to the new published CircUse-Compendium “Towards Circular Flow Land Use Management”. The newsletter summarizes the content of the Circuse-Compendium. The newsletter describes the content of the different compendium chapters and summarizes the leasons lerant and recommendation of the CircUse project. Furthermore an outlook is given which describes what has to be change and what has to be done for implementing a sustainable land use management.

9th CircUse Newsletter is available here


CircUse Compendium: Publication Summarizes Project Results

The CircUse project has created the compendium “Towards CircUlar Flow Land Use Management” to summarize the entire project results. The publication chapters contain information about the action plans, CircUse strategy, instruments of implementation, and recommendations for higher level administrations. The Compendium can be downloaded for free to be used by professionals, practitioners, teachers and even interested citizens.

The CircUse-Compendium:


CircUse at school in Freiberg

The CircUse “Land use and Environmental Effects” course took place in the City of Freiberg. Six groups with all together more than 20 pupils participated. CircUse experts Bernd Siemer and René Otparlik have been discussed issues to soil sealing with the pupils. Furthermore they have worked on mapping of inner-city development potentials in Freiberg.

Read more: CircUse at school in Freiberg (Germany)


CircUse at the 5th Saxonian-Thuringian Soil Protection days

The 5th Saxonian-Thuringian protection days took place from the 19th to 20th of June 2013 in Altenburg Thuringia. CircUse results were presented in a speech and with information material like poster and flyer.

Read more: CircUse at the 5th Saxonian-Thuringian Soil Protection days


CircUse-Illustration to Soil Functions – available in many languages!

The illustration to Soil Functions aims to emphasize the value of natural soil. It can help to demonstrate the public reasons why soil is important to protect. The illustration shows 6 ecologic soil functions and their interrelations. As this illustration will also be used as teaching material, a black and white version has been developed as well to serve as drawing model for smaller children.

The illustration contributes to awareness rising and show why we should re-use previously used land instead to build on natural soil e.g. greenfields. The illustration is – next to the project languages – also free available in Spanish, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, French, Portuguese and Dutch. Please use it for awareness rising and download the illustration here.

Read more: CircUse-Illustration to Soil Functions – available in many languages!


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